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If you are experiencing any of these problems
Then call us now. ( Pensioner Discounts)
1. Water Pressure
- Does your water trickle out?
- Are you tired of not getting a decent shower?
- Are you sick of waiting for the bath to fill?
2. Gas Hot water Systems we carry a large range of taps on board.
- Do you feel that your water is not coming through as hot as it should?
- Do you tend to run out of hot water too quickly?
- Is your water off-colour and looking brown?
- Has your water pressure dropped?
3. Taps
- Tired of dripping or leaking taps?
- Are they difficult to open or shut?
- Have your found water on the top or bottom of your bench tops/cupboards?
- When you turn the tap on, do you notice water leaking out of the tap itself?
4. Water Shuddering in the pipe
- Do you hear a shuddering sound when you turn your taps on and off?