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How To Read Your Water Meter
Reading your meter can help you better understand your water usage.
You should read your meter at regular intervals to monitor water usage.

As meters age they often slow down. By reading your meter over time you may be able to spot a change.
When a new and more accurate meter is installed, we recommend you read the meter each month. This way you will not be surprised by a higher than usual water account.

Meters installed after 2000 have a number of dials for operational purposes.
The row of black numbers show the kilolitres of water used by your home. The row of red numbers on barrel meters show the litres used.
How to Check for leaking pipes by reading your water meter before you go to bed, then again in the morning. If there has been no water use overnight, and the reading has changed, you may have a leaking pipe and should seek advice from a plumber

A dripping or leaky tap is not only annoying but it can waste a lot of water as well.

One drop per second equals 7,000 litres of water wasted per year. In the table below you can see how much a water is lost from a dripping tap.

6 min

1 hour (x10) 1 day (24) 1 year (x365)
Slow drip 5mls 750mls 18 litres

6,750 litres

Fast drip 1,000mls 10 litres 240 litres

87,600 litres

The average home uses 63 buckets a day.

Toilets - a leaking toilet can waste 16,000
litres of water per year

Other water saving tips
Never leave the tap running while you shave.
Never wash your dishes using a running tap.
Never leave the tap running while you clean
your teeth.